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Future of Cycle Mesabi

Dear Cycle Mesabi Members and friends:

As most of you know interest in our Cycle Mesabi website and our evening rides has waned dramatically since 2017.  This is sad to see since our group is over 25 years old.  Maybe age is part of the problem.  Many of our regular riders have retired, moved away from the Range, suffering from illness and maybe just have lost interest.

Our website requires regular upkeep and an annual expense for it's internet hosting.  With this it's probably necessary for it to dissolve.  The only possible way this could be avoided would be if someone would be willing to volunteer to become the 'Cycle Mesabi Website Czar'.  So all of you out there interested please form a line and prepare for interviews (just kidding).  But, seriously, maybe there's someone out there ready to take on the small challenges required here.

Failing someone stepping forward I'm afraid to say that the website, evening rides and all but our Facebook presence would probably end.

Time changes everything and as one of our members told me "maybe the social aspects of our group will have to become virtual".  Meaning that our Facebook page and possibly an app such as Strave will become our methods of interaction and riding encouragement for members.  This has really become evident recently with the Covid-19 virus.

I'm wide open to any volunteers and discussion on this subject.

Cheers and Stay Safe,

Henry Djerlev


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