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Club News

The beginning-

15 years ago I spotted a notice in the Hibbing Tribune concerning the formation of a cycling group.  Ed & Judy Beckers had placed that ad in hopes of putting together a group what would ride "weekly".  I've been riding "weakly" ever since.

Henry Djerlev

Begin 2005

Welcome all current and new Cycle Mesabi members to 2005, our 16th year!

For the past 15 springs, summers, and falls, Cycle Mesabi has run its biking season on generally the same schedule each year. First called The Wednesday Night Bike Club, we rode only on Wednesday nights. Duh. At the beginning of our second year, 1991, we changed our name to Cycle Mesabi, and a couple of years after that we added the Tuesday night rides. Up through 2004, that schedule has generally remained the same. This year, on a one-year trial basis, some new twists will be added.

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