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Ed's Letter to Cycle Mesabi - Spring 2009


2009 - Cycle Mesabi's 20th year!Ed Beckers

Although I swore mightily to God that I was not going to do even this much anymore, I couldn't allow Henry to be the only one working on this great new idea for our upcoming ride season. He already has worked hard enough.

Back at Hugh's pizza party in October, Dave and Darlene had an idea of assigning rides to each Tuesday and Thursday nights instead of names of members who then had to come up with a route for that evening. While we had been doing it this way for 19 years, it didn't take long for the rest of us to see that this new way would be much simpler and better.  (Click Below to Read More)

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Habitat 500 - 2009 Letter

The letter below is from Jon Siman pictured here with his wife Sharon and son Jessie:

       "As I write this invitation, the weather is not exactly turning my thoughts to the prospects of warmer weather to come and life without winter coat, gloves, and something to cover my lack of natural insulation on the top of my head. But, I guess it's at least snowing like April showers.  And, it is time to plan ahead, that dreaded notion my wife likes to taunt me with!  I actually had a call last week from a friend who cross-country skis on a daily basis.  He asked if I was interested in a trip to the Boundary Waters. I immediately thought there was no way I could consider such a skiing trek given my non-existent readiness for such an adventure.  Then he added, this August. I was totally impressed with his desire to plan his summer. I am offering you such opportunity!!!

      July 12-18 is the 17th annual Habitat 500 -- "a fully supported 500-mile, 7-day bicycle ride benefiting Habitat for Humanity; the ride has raised over $3.25 million for Habitat home construction in

       Minnesota."  This is your "call" to plan your summer and feel a sense of order in your life.  Like me in my initial response to my friend's invitation, you could react like this consideration is beyond the realm of physical "do-ability” and the excuses would flow through your head like snow that should be melting off our roofs. So, you need to be convinced that you have the wherewithal to participate in such a worthy fund-raising event.

      By happenstance I engaged a veteran participant in at least 9 of the last 16 rides.  At the time, 6 rides ago for me, I was in my mid-fifties and entertaining a kind-of-midlife-crisis that involved awareness I could feel better if I were more physically fit.  This encourager appealed to my ego that if he could do it at our age, why not me. I accepted the challenge. On the ride I have encountered riders ranging in age from 13 to 70 who will accommodate any pace you can manage. And yes, there are older riders than me that I can’t keep up with.

      If you are already an avid rider and don’t need to be convinced about your physical wherewithal, join us on one of the best-supported, 7-day bicycle excursions described by participants as a summer camp family reunion. Over 60 percent of the riders return each year.  And, what makes this camaraderie so inviting for repeaters and first-timers is the spirit that underlies the volunteerism that makes Habitat for Humanity work – teamwork and commitment to the cause of funding and building affordable homes is truly a blessing to all involved in the effort."


             JOIN US – The North St. Louis County HFH riding team needs you!!!


Jon Siman



North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity


Toll free 866-749-8910

PO Box 24, Virginia, MN 55792

2021 Habitat 500 Bike Ride (Awaiting 2021 information)

Logo for Habitat 500

July ? -?, 2021

??? miles. ? days. ??? participants.

Pedal to build a cycle of hope. Raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. Participate in the Habitat 500 Bike Ride. Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota is pleased to host the 20th(?) annual bike ride, in partnership with its 32 HFH affiliates, a fundraising event aimed at increasing awareness about the need for decent, safe, and affordable housing. Learn more about how you can participate.


We invite you into their stories and on their journeys as together we are:  

“Building homes and hope in North St. Louis County”.

The website for the ride is This year we are going from:

Nathan Thompson E

Executive Director North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity Office 218-749-8910 Toll Free 866-749-8910 Direct Line 218-750-7443 Fax 218-742-9799



Nathan Thompson

If you need some encouragement, and further information look below for a letter written in 2009:

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Anyone who wants to start early in Hibbing, Let me know.

Tommy Thompson

Early Spring 2009 Update


 Just a short update to keep you informed.  Our 2009 Season begins April 14th & 16th (Tuesday & Thursday nights respectively).  As you probably know from emails earlier this year we're in the process of updating our website.  Instead of requiring "Ride Leaders" to come up with the route for that night's ride we'll have a map posted on the website for that ride.  You can certainly change the route, at the desire of that night's riders, but at least this will take some of the awkwardness and delay in beginning our rides.  I've been creating Ride Maps on Google Maps over the past couple of months and these will be posted on our Tue & Thr Ride Schedules at .  I think I'll leave the Ride Leader names up on the website at least for this year and see how things go.  Maybe we'll remove them in 2010 if this new system works out.


Go to the website now and youll see some of the early changes to the Ride Schedule pages.  As of today there is one "test map" posted for the first ride for each evening.  Give it a try.  When I have a complete set of maps I'll post them and try to schedule them so that the mileage will INCREASE up to the longest day of the year and then DECREASE as the ride season enters late Summer & Fall.  You can view these maps in several different formats (map, satellite photo, terraine) and print them out if desired.


Ed's 'Annual Letter to Cycle Mesabi' will also be posted shortly.  The email addresses for lots of our members have apparently changed so I'll need any new addresses, or you'll need to make sure you've signed up for our Cycle Mesabi Google Groups, by clicking on the "Communicate" tab at the website and following the directions.  Notices sent to the Google Groups automatically goes out to everyone signed up.


Cheers Wink,


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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