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Club News

2006 Candisc

Hi cyclists! 

This year we have five riders planning to go to the Candisc ride in North Dakota. I've been on this ride many times and it is a different adventure each time!


John Byers, Pat, Terry and Steve Gillitzer and myself are heading west. Please think about this ride for next year if you can't come this year.


The ride is always the first week in August.

2006 MS TRAM

Hi Riders!


We hope everyone is enjoying the great weather.  Please stay as far to the right as possible when riding on our city streets and highways. 


This year Cycle Mesabi has at least five people riding on on the week long MS TRAM ride. The ride starts on July 23rd.



The MS TRAM ride is a fund raiser. Last year this ride raised about a million dollars!  If you can't go this year, think about next year.


If you need details on the ride you can talk to Chris and Su Thompson.


News for July

Hi everyone and all the new people looking at this site!

The weather has been great for riding.  Remember to obey all the traffic laws that motorist have to follow.  If you have any questions please contact me and I will find you an answer.

Tuesday, July 4th there is will not be a ride starting at Hardees.  If you are interested in a ride call me. 218-969-8119.

July 20th the Mesabi Trail ride will be changed to the "Up North Ride".  Meet at Hardees at 5:30 and transport to Cloverdale, north of Nashwauk.   Thanks for coming to our site and hope to see you at a ride soon!





Thursday Night Filming

Hi Riders!

Always wear a helmet.Thursday, June 15th, Photographers will be taking pictures of riders on the Mesabi Trail. We will be riding out to the O'Brien Reservoir.




Chinese Mtn Bike Tour